Hello and welcome to the Chronic Disease Foundation.

Our Aim

The Chronic Disease Foundation wants to provide information for the general public and anyone who has a chronic disease. We mostly focus on diseases and infections relating to Sexual Health and Sexual Wellbeing.

What is classified as Chronic Disease

With the term “chronic disease” we want to intend, on this website, any type of illness, disability or infection that may last for a long period of time, or which effects may impact a person’s life for a long term (by long term we mean more than a year). Other websites and organisations may have different timeframes and definitions for a chronic disease but we think that this one is the most appropriate for us and best embraces the areas of healthcare on which we seek to focus.

Examples of Chronic Diseases

There are many chronic diseases affecting the population at this time. Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke are all classified as chronic diseases. Conditions such as high blood pressure, depression and arthritis are also considered chronic diseases.

Website Focus

As we want to be able to give you quality information, we have decided to narrow it down to a range of topics that we can talk about in depth. We have decided that sexual health infections and diseases are not often talked about as chronic diseases: hence, we want to raise awareness of the fact that they could be. Infections like herpes and HIV are chronic diseases that can be treated and even prevented. We would like to gather information on them so to be able to inform you on (mainly): how to find out if you have herpes, HIV or another sexually transmitted infection (STI) and the treatment options.

Further Information

The Chronic Disease Foundation wants to be a source of news, statistics and studies related to chronic diseases. However, it cannot be taken as a source of personal medical advice. If you are struggling with a chronic disease then we recommend you seeing your GP or doctor, as they are the only ones that are medically prepared to help you. Feel free to browse this website for information and then talk to your medical specialist about how to cope with your disease and make sure you live a life that is as hassle-free as possible. You can and should manage your disease and the symptoms you feel.